Learn to play IQ Wars. It’s easy!

Playing IQ Wars is easy and exciting. Have you ever played trivia or pub quiz? Or just a simple questions and answers game? Then IQ Wars is easy game for you.

IQ Wars is multiplayer online quiz game where players can play different types of trivia tournaments and compete against other players live in realtime.

In general player’s main goal is to submit correct answer faster then other players however in different types of tournaments different tactics could be applied. After tournament players with more correct answers gets higher positions. If players are tied with number of correct answers then player who answered faster gets higher position.

Players can play with real money and win great prizes or play just for fun to prove they are smarter than others.

Don’t forget to read what are differences between different types of tournaments and always pay attention to the description of tournament that You are registering to.



Multiplayer real time IQ tournament where game players compete with other players . Tournaments  start in specific time and players should register in advance.


Sit’N’Go type tournaments. Tournaments start when specified number of players register to the SNG tournament. It’s a fast tournament where most of questions are based on knowing facts.


It’s variant of SNG tournament where only two players are allowed to play. They have to answer only one question and the fastest wins. This is the fastest type of tournament.


Tournaments where questions are made of three hints. After some period new hint is shown. Player gets more points if question is answered with less hints shown.


If you miss regular tournament you still can play this tournament later against players who played this tournament with their real inputs resubmitted which will give you the same feeling as playing it live.


Players play like in regular tournament, but representing city they are from instead of themselves individually. This is the new type of game and is not available to every player yet!

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