Please also read description of tournament because even tournaments that are named the same might be very different in content. If you want to participate just   click “Take part” or “Register” button to join tournament. Be aware that if you want be logged in when  tournament is started you will not be able to join it.

“SNG” or “Sit and Go” tournament are started when predfined number of players joins tournament. Please carefully read name and description of “SNG” tournament because it will reveal how many questions and how many players will be in the tournament.

Tournament window. The game.

When tournament is in progress you can see information about tournament status in upper section of the tournament window. There you can see what is currently shown question and how many questions are left. Also you can see if there is 5 minutes break in the tournament and how many questions are to go until break will start.

You also can see how many players already answered to the question and it might help you to develop strategy when you are in tight positions.

And whats most important you always see how many credits are you winning at the moment so you know if its more important to do risky guesses or just try to keep your position.

Ready to go? First step is to choose what to play

When you log in into IQ Wars lobby it’s time when your unique playing experience starts. In lobby you can see such information like your nickname, stats, Play credits and Real credits accounts, but the most exciting what you can see in lobby is IQ Wars tournaments list.

As you can see in picture on the left you can choose what kind of tournament to play. There are three tabs “Tournaments”, “SNG” and “Replay”. In “Tournaments” tab you will find list of scheduled tournaments while in “SNG” tab it will be listed tournaments that will start when predefined number of players will join the tournament. “Replay” tournaments you can play instantly and against real inputs of all players who already had played it “live”.

When you select scheduled tournament, you can see in the tournament info section when tournament is about to start, what buy in is and how many players are registered to the tournament at the moment.  At the moment you can not see what is the prize pool of the tournament but you can do easy math by multiplying number of players already registered to buy in amount to calculate prize pool at the moment.

Tournament window information. Player.

When tournament starts it will be tournament window opened where questions will be shown and you will be able to submit your answers.

Remember that this is realtime multiplayer tournament so you always have to be aware of your results, positions. This will help you to project your playing strategy which may vary from conservative to risky.

Your position, points and competitors are shown on the left section of tournament window. You will see your position updated live after every question round as you can see in picture below.

Tips and Tricks

  • In most of tournament player can change his answer until question time limit is not over
  • In Hints tournaments first hints gives only 25-40 percentage of answer, but also gives you three points awards instead one. It might be good strategy to gamble sometimes if player is trailing behind just by a few points from award places
  • Mind the names and descriptions of tournaments. Some of them are more fun while others are more like exams in the high school.
  • Manage to keep your IQ Score high because some of tournaments are limited to high IQ Score players
  • Like IQ Wars on Facebook cause it’s the way to get extra credits and invitations to non-public tournaments

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