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Can I play IQ Wars on mobile device? What are requirements to play IQ Wars?

Mobile version of IQ Wars game currently is available only for Android. You can also install and play IQ Wars on your desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Your computer also must have reliable and fast internet connection.

I tried to sign up to IQ Wars as new player, but haven’t received email with activation link.

Normally when new player registers into IQ Wars he has to receive email with activation link. Player has to click on this link to activate his account and finalize registration process. If you haven’t received email with activation link it’s either you provided not correct email address during signup procedure or email with activation link was identified as spam and moved to spam folder of your email application. We noticed that some email services like GMail places emails into Spam folder. Please check Spam folder of your email application/service and mark email as non-spam so in future you will receive our emails directly to your Inbox.

What are difference between playing with Real credits and Play credits?

At the moment player can not purchase Real Credits, but player still can win Real Credits in Freeroll tournaments.

Player also can play in the same tournaments for free or almost for free with Play credits instead of Real credits. Be aware that some of the tournaments might be played only with Play credits or only with Real credits.

What is IQ Score and why it’s sometime decreasing/increasing even if I haven’t played?

IQ Score basically shows your correct/incorrect answer ratio accumulated from all your tournaments (except SNG) over the last 30 days.  In example, if you are new player and you participate in tournament of 10 questions and answer correctly all of them you will get IQ Score of 100. Then you participate in another tournament and again answer all questions. Your IQ Score is still 100.  Then you participate in third tournament and answer none of the questions correctly. You get zero IQ Scores for tournament, but your general IQ Score is not 50 but 67, because (100 + 100 + 0)/3.

When player logs in into IQ Wars and notices that his IQ Score has decreased or increased it means that results from tournaments older than 30 days are excluded from IQ Score. In other words it means if player played only one tournament and answered all questions correctly, but didn’t play any tournament anymore, he will have IQ Score of 100 for 30 days, but after his IQ Score will become 0.

What places in tournaments are awarded and how much credits I can win?

Prize pool of tournament is build from players’ buy-ins minus tournament fee.  Prize pool distribution depends on number of players so lets say if player plays in tournament with 10 players then prize pool is distributed between top three positions, but if he plays in tournament with 120 players then prize pool is distributed between top 20 positions.

IMPORTANT: IQ Wars are very unique because players playing with Play credits and Real credits are playing in the same tournaments (except SNG) and because of this there is separate Real credits prize pool created for those who are playing with Real credits within the same tournament. In other words it means that if player plays tournament with Real credits and takes 50th place, but all positions above is Play credit players, so this Real credit player will distribute prize pool of  Real credits with other Real credits players and his position in this list will be top (1st place) position despite he was only 50th on general players list.


Why I have to provide data like my country or city when I sign up to IQ Wars?

IQ Wars are looking forward to introduce you more new types of exciting tournaments. Those will include “City Wars” as well as country based tournaments where players will be able to team up for their city or country and compete against other teams.

Can I google questions? Is it possible to cheat?

Yes it’s possible to search answers for some questions in internet. We have special type of tournaments called “Know or No” or most of SNG tournaments are those where answers are more or less based on knowledge then logic, but those questions also has strict time limit so player always have to balance between trying to search and loose time or trying to answer quickly and get advantage of saved time. However, we don’t consider googling as cheating because we think that human IQ is represented by his ability to solve the problem and effective searching is part of this in age of internet.

Most of the regular tournaments questions will not be directly searchable or not searchable at all

During tournament I submited answer, but time limit is still not expired. Can I change my answer?

In most of tournaments you can change your answer and resubmit them as many times as you want until time for question is not expired.

This is not valid for some specific tournament types like Hints tournaments where you can not change submitted answer.

Some questions have text field where player has to enter answer. Are those case sensative?

No. In case of text field answer where player types in answer it is not case sensitive. If not stated differently in the question answer should be just one word.

When I play in tournament sometimes questions are shown with some time already passed or even question is skipped?

This kind of problem occurs if you are experiencing internet connection problems or you have slow unreliable internet connection. Since IQ Wars is realtime multiplayer game it’s vital for players to have fast and reliable internet. Unfortunately the only solution is to use device with faster and more reliable internet connection.