Multiplayer real time IQ tournament where game players compete with other players . Tournaments starts in specific time.

Each tournament is unique and consists of unique and never used before questions. Tournaments have description which is shown in lobby  where players can find information about particular tournament.

Rules are pretty simple. During tournament questions are shown with time limit for answer. Player has to answer question correctly to earn the point. In Regular tournaments one correct answer is worth one point It’s important to answer question fast because saved time from question’s time limit is accumulated and in case of tied score players with more time saved are placed on higher positions.


Sit’N’Go type tournaments. Tournaments start when specified number of players register to the SNG tournament. It’s a fast game.

Not like Regular tournaments SNG can be played anytime. SNG tournaments are listed in separate SNG tab in lobby. Questions in SNG tournaments are not always unique and most of the questions are based on knowledge rather then logic.

Usually SNG tournaments are faster then regular because they consists less questions and time for answers is very limited.

Important! SNG tournaments results are not included when IQ Score is calculated.


It’s variant of SNG tournament where only two players are allowed to play. They have to answer only one question and the fastest wins.

Just like any SNG game 1vs1 tournaments can be played anytime. In this type of the game is very important to answer faster then your opponent because even if both answer correctly the fastest player wins.

Player who wins the tournament receives whole prize pool. If both players answers correctly with the same amount of time saved or both players answers incorrectly then prize pool is divided equally between players.


Tournaments where questions are made of hints. Every 15 seconds new hints are shown. Player gets more points if question answered with less hints.

The main difference from regular tournaments is that in Hints tournaments questions consists from three hints. After first hint is shown players can submit answer and earn 3 points (instead of one point as it would be in Regular tournaments), but they have to do it within 15 seconds after which the second hints is shown. If player answers after second hint he earns two points and finally third hint is shown after which player can earn only one point.

First hint gives 25-40% probability of correct answer,  second hint gives 60-80% probability while third hint gives 100% probability, but players has to pay attention that unlike in Regular tournaments it’s not allowed to change your answer once it’s submitted.


Players can play “live” tournaments even if they missed. They will play tournament against players who had played it already  with realtime resubmitting of their stored inputs.

ReLive tournaments are the killer feature of IQ Wars. While to play realtime regular tournament player has to be logged in at the time when tournament starts ReLive tournaments are for those who missed live tournaments. In ReLive tournaments tab player can see list of all regular live tournaments that he has missed and still can play it as if he would be playing live. Every ReLive tournament keeps history of all players inputs and simulates live tournament for player who plays ReLive tournament. However, IQ Score is not calculated and no prize pool is shared for this type of tournaments.


Players play like in regular tournament, but representing city they are from instead of themselves individually. This is the new type of game!

This kind of tournament is still not available publicly, but this the first type of tournaments where players are able to team up with each others. They are  allowed to join tournaments and represent their city or their country as it is stated in their profile information. It’s important that player would not be able to join City wars tournament if his city or county is not involved in particular tournament.

In City wars player plays individually, but his results are used in team results calculation.

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